Birth Interrupted: The Foetus In A Kaleidoscope Of Beliefs, Fear And Danger

Human fetus in globe (Digital Composite)
Human fetus in globe (Digital Composite)

“Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace,
You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one”

(John Lennon, Imagine)

Oh the wonderful ideologies of John Lennon! Indeed an ideal world would be one without countries. An earth without borders. Sadly, contemporary earth matters couldn’t make existing demarcations more obvious. This century has seen the dangers of erroneously modified beliefs on people, including unborn children. Evil beliefs that beat human understanding. Frightening thoughts championed by some individuals who twist cultural and religious tenets to justify their acts. One can almost feel the palpable threats to the existence of the human race. Friday the 13th of November saw another wave of senseless and wicked killings of innocent people. This time, it was in Paris. The world stood still in grief, as the death toll rose. Terrorists had attacked Paris again! As pictures reveal horrors of that night, one stood out to me…the pregnant woman on the window ledge. image

Help, Help! I’m Pregnant!”

A group of ruthless murderers stormed the Bataclan where she was, and started killing people. The pregnant lady in her bid to survive, desperately held on to the window ledge of the theatre. A slip would have meant the death of her and her unborn child. Reports claim that she was heard crying “Help, Help! I’m Pregnant.” Luckily she was rescued. I found it noteworthy that amidst all that carnage, a mother’s love was heard. Her strong belief that her unborn child had the right to survive, gave her the strength to hang on. Whilst blood soaked the streets of Paris, and sirens blared in the dark, a mother’s love for her unborn child echoed clearly from a window. Her love overwhelmed every sense of danger she sensed at that time. Her baby had to survive!

Unborn in clear and present danger

I look at the world right now, and just like that Parisian woman, many mothers are virtually hanging on to ledges to save their unborn children. It is sad and shocking that unborn babies are faced with uncertain futures stemmed from modified and dangerous beliefs. In north eastern Nigeria, a foetus jumps in dreadful reflex as another bomb explodes nearby. A detonation by a group of terrorists who strongly believe in the shedding of blood to prove points. Somewhere in Kara, Banna and Hamar tribes of southern Ethiopia, a pregnant woman hopes that her baby is not born with a disability because the infant will be a “mingi” (cursed baby). This means a death sentence in a culture that believes disability is evil. In remote villages of the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, women are anxious because they may be pregnant with twins. It is the belief there that twins are evil. Centuries after Mary Slessor fought against the killing of twins, they are still killed in that part of Nigeria. In China, a woman is awake at night because she found out that she’s pregnant the second time. Although recently abolished, the one child rule has loopholes that still send chills to pregnant women’s spines. In India and China, fear overwhelms thousands of pregnant women. Why? Their foetuses may be female. The belief in male superiority in those countries means that some female babies are killed or abandoned. In Kampala Uganda, a poor pregnant woman is troubled because the rich pay for poor children to be sacrificed as ritualistic offerings. The belief is that it makes them richer. In Syria, a foetus is flooded with a mother’s stress hormones because they are both stepping into a shaky boat. They are escaping from individuals who believe slaughtering the innocent is justified.

Beliefs modified, emotions hurt

Be it religious or cultural, it is undeniable that when beliefs hurt the innocent, even unborn children, it is time for the world to unite and do something. I applaud the fact that recent incidents prove that love and grief are still universal languages. Whilst we cannot achieve John Lennon’s one country, we can unite in condemning any beliefs and acts that threaten our existence. My heart breaks for the innocent people who died in Paris. Death toll is now 129. My heart goes out to that Parisian woman on the ledge. I don’t know if she would ever get over those horrifying moments she held on to that ledge to save her child. My heart also bleeds for millions of anxious women who like her, hang on to their form of ledges for the love of their unborn children. Beliefs shouldn’t hurt. They should unite. It’s really a scary world.

May the souls of all the departed rest in peace.

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  1. Global disasters have risen to unprecedented levels with terrorism constituting a major proportion. The innocent victims of this crime cut across the barriers of gender, age, social status, race or religion. It seems to me that nobody is insulated from the dangers posed by these blood letting ‘idiats’. Its a matter of God’s shadow providing cover for us in our going out and coming in. Unfortunately, pregnant women and foetuses are not spared by these blood sucking sons of Hamas. The plight of pregnant women is worsened by damaging cultural beliefs expecially in Africa. I believe fully in the gospel of Jesus Christ and that helps me to discard and disregard any unwholesome traditional practice or belief perpetuated in this age. May God save the children , including the unborn. Well done Nols!

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